New Romance Novel Explores the Challenges of a New Career and a New Lifestyle as a Professional Pizza Delivery Driver Hangs Up His Delivery Bag For The Last Time.


CHAMPAIGN, IL, 7 September 2009 – Fighting traffic jams, dealing with irate customers, and navigating the busy streets of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina are always a challenge for a pizza delivery driver.    What happens once the season is over?   Follow one such delivery driver as he hangs up his delivery bag and now has to navigate his way through the many challenges of a new career, a committed relationship, and an entirely different way of life in “Forever Autumn – The Myrtle Beach Experience Continues”(published by CreateSpace), the new novel by Bill Lawless.


It’s been a very interesting summer for David Lawrence, a former professional pizza delivery driver who migrated to Myrtle Beach for his 8th, and final, summer season as a guest driver for Papa’s Pizza.  His hot summer romance with Ashley Cooper, a beautiful former exotic dancer and model with all the right connections which started in “Topless Delivery – The Myrtle Beach Experience,” rapidly evolves into something magical as they begin new careers and a new life together in the wake of Hurricane Erika’s destructive wrath.


“I had always hated writing…even as recently as graduate school.  Writing assignments were very intimidating for me,” writes Lawless, “That attitude changed radically once I started writing my first novel, ‘Topless Delivery – the Myrtle Beach Experience,’ in July 2008.  It was probably because I had always written what other people had told me to write.  Now that I started writing something on my own initiative, I find the writing process to be very addictive.  After spending several summers in Myrtle Beach as a seasonal driver, I thought it would be good to write about the experience.”


This novel is available online in paperback and Kindle formats at http://Amazon.com and in paperback at http://ForeverAutumn.us.




After a long career in the restaurant industry as a delivery driver and as a manager, Bill Lawless decided to write about some of his many experiences.  Lawless received his Master of Business Administration degree in 2007 from Governors State University. He also received his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science in 1987 from Governors State University. “Forever Autumn – The Myrtle Beach Experience Continues” is the sequel to “Topless Delivery – The Myrtle Beach Experience,” his first novel.  He currently resides in Champaign, Illinois.