This novel is the continuation of “Topless Delivery – The Myrtle Beach Experience”, the story of David Lawrence, a professional pizza delivery driver who returned to the sun and fun of Myrtle Beach for his final season of delivery before retiring from the profession.  The summer romance he had started with Ashley Cooper, a beautiful exotic dancer with a heart of gold and a mind for business, has rapidly evolved into something magical as they are now starting new careers and new lives in the wake of Hurricane Erika’s destructive wrath.


The story continues in the Fall of 2007 as David hangs up his delivery bag for the last time and starts his new career as a Research Analyst at Burgess & Cooper, the largest commercial real-estate development company in town.  Ashley has hung up her g-string for the last time and starts her final semester of graduate school.  David and Ashley’s introduction to a regular 9-to-5 lifestyle after years of working night shifts, along with David’s introduction to the ways of Southern society, presents many challenges for them as they start their new life together.







Publisher: CreateSpace


Original Print Publication Date:

4 September 2009


Paperback Edition: 368 pages

ISBN13 (Print): 978-1-4486-0608-5

List Price (U.S.): $19.95

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E-Book Editions:

ASIN (Kindle): B002OHD27A

ISBN (EPUB): 978-1-4580-4250-7

List Price (U.S.): $9.95

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This book is a work of fiction based in part on the author’s personal experiences.  The names, characters, places, incidents, dialog, and plot are products of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously.  Any resemblance to actual persons, events, or companies is entirely coincidental.